Since I'm no longer practicing law, students often ask if I regret going to law school.  Absolutely not!  I met some great people, and it was extremely intellectually stimulating and a lot of fun.  I also got to practice law - a challenging, exciting job that also pays pretty well!  But at heart, I'm a teacher and a writer, and I know that I'm doing what I should be doing.  If you know (or even think!) that what you should be doing is going to law school, drop a line - I'll help you get there!

How it Began

Shortly after I had established my own legal practice, a friend contacted me asking for help with a couple of logic games.  She was taking a prep class from a major test prep company, but the instructor either couldn't explain it in a way that made sense to her or didn't have enough time to cover it (they're generally on script and a tight time schedule).  I was absolutely stunned to hear that she had spent well over $1,000 (little did I know about the industry) for such a cookie-cutter approach that wasn't helping that much.  I did a little advertising online, got some students and some ongoing referrals, wrote a couple of books on the LSAT, and became the Director of Product Development for a low-cost test prep company, Campus Prep.  Before I knew it, I was quite busy year-round, so I quit renewing my bar dues, and now I help students year-round.

A former practicing attorney, Dan's 99th percentile LSAT score got him into UCLA School of Law, #16 in the country at the time.  He has written two books on the LSAT and helped hundreds of students prepare for the test over the past several years.

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