Frequently Asked Questions

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Acme LSAT Prep

QDo I have to purchase a minimum number of hours?

​A: No; all services/products are offered on an "as much or as little as you need" basis.

​Q: What is your curriculum like?

A: There is no "curriculum" per se, unless you're starting from scratch and need a complete LSAT overview or diagnostic testing.  The overwhelming majority of people who contact us have already done some prep, and they want to work on particular sections or question types.  The time is spent on whatever emphasis will be most helpful to you.

​Q: I've already taken a prep course; can Acme LSAT Prep help me?

​A: Absoultely!  Most people who contact us have already taken a prep course and are very satisfied with the advantages that Acme offers.

Q: What advantages?

​A: Where to start?  There's no minimum hour purchases to secure our (WAY) below-industry-standard rate, so you can structure a program to fit your budget and needs.  Nothing is prepackaged, so we won't waste time telling you things you know or gloss over things you don't know.  Instruction is flexible; if something doesn't make sense when it's explained one way, there's usually another way to get the same point across.  Appointments fit YOUR schedule, whether online, in person, or via email.    

​Q:I hear a lot about "examsmanship." What's that all about?

A: That's a major focus at Acme LSAT Prep.  It refers to just about everything other than a straightforward answering of a question.  For instance, Speed/Time Management, Effective Guessing (when necessary), Traps, etc.

Q: How big are the classes?

A: Generally, it's 1-on-1 tutoring, not classes, but if you're working with a buddy or two or want to save some money, small group sessions can be arranged at a reduced per-student rate.

Q: I have good accuracy, but I run out of time.  Can you help?

​A: YES! Time management is critical on the LSAT.  Your tutor knows that you have less than 1.5 minutes per question! Time saved now = points gained later.  We'll show you how to get deeper into the test before the time crunch.

Q: Can you help with the Writing Sample?

A: Yes! I was an undergrad English major and a professional writer/editor in the print journalism field.  I can help with the writing sample and/or your personal statement!